Women of FME #1


Piper Packshaw is a front woman. Music is the vehicle of her performance. Residing somewhere between Byron, Melbourne and an LA fantasy, she sings at a crossroads.

What do you collect? 

I think the thing in my life I most collect would be my thoughts. I write a lot ( A LOT) of lists, poems, lyrics, stories, stream of consciousness, reflections and ‘notes to self’.

My handwriting is so incredibly terrible that I spend just as much time trying to decipher my 3am scrawls. 

Apparently I also collect dog hair because I can’t put an item of clothing on without feeling like I’m wearing my dog!

What does the concept of ‘home’ look like to you?

This is something that has been at the forefront of my mind and heart recently. 

I’m currently living a transient life; moving away from my life in Melbourne and toward the insanity of LA life, but treading water (no beach pun intended) in Byron Bay for the time being. This uproot of home and belonging has made me redefine what it means to me. ‘Home’ is held in a moment of complete comfortability - on any given day this could mean something different. At this point in my life, where stability is sparse, it’s comforting to know that ‘home’ is actually a place within me…

Do you have a daily ritual (big or small)? If so, talk us through it.

Honestly, just breakfast. It’s my favourite meal of the day and I never go without!

Who would you most want to collaborate with creatively and why?

To say exactly who I would most want to collaborate with is a hard stretch. I’ve spent so many years being incredibly precious about my work; holding it tightly to my chest and not letting anyone see/hear it until it was perfect. I use collaboration as a tool to relinquish some control and allow my ideas to breathe and develop. My ideal people to collaborate with are those who hold space and approach a project or idea with no ego or judgement. 


If your life story was translated to film, What would the title be ?

This question has me stumped.

These are the first ones that come to mind; 

“Friendly, Not Flirty” (story of my fucking life)

“Big Hair and a lot of Bullshit”

“Get Back Up” 

Any final thoughts or feelings?

I feel honoured to be included and associated with FME Apparel. A brand that understands the importance of community and creativity, two things I hold very close to my heart. Also I feel like a complete badass when I wear my Judo Playsuit.


Photography: Maddy Maeve

Words and Styling: Laura Albee

Special thanks to George (the dog)


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